Train Parts Castings

Train Parts Castings
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Train Parts Castings

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When casting with a wax, the investment casting is also called "lost wax casting". Investment casting usually refers to forming a pattern in a fusible material, coating a plurality of layers of refractory material on the surface of the pattern to form a shell, and then melting the pattern to discharge the shell, thereby obtaining a mold having no parting surface, and after being baked at a high temperature Filled with sand and poured. Investment molding is often referred to as "lost wax casting" because the pattern is widely manufactured using waxy materials.

The alloys that can be produced by investment casting are carbon steel, alloy steel, heat resistant alloy, stainless steel, precision alloy, permanent magnet alloy, bearing alloy, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy and ductile iron. The investment casting process is complicated, difficult to control, and expensive to use and consume. Therefore, it is suitable for producing small parts with complicated shapes, high precision requirements, or difficult to perform other processing, such as blades of turbine engines.

Product Specification


Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel


Lost wax casting + cnc machining

Casting dimension tolerance


Casting surface roughness

Ra 12.5 um

Casting weight range

0.1-90 kg

Casting Size

Max linear size: 1200 mm, Max diameter size: 600 mm

Machining Precision

Positioning accuracy 0.008 mm, Rep. position. accuracy 0.006 mm

Machining surface roughness

Ra0.8 ~ 6.3 um

Max Travel Of Spindle

1900 mm x 850 mm x 700 mm

Max Turning Diameter

830 mm

Material standard


Surface treatment

KTL (E-coating), Zinc plating, Mirror Polishing, Sand Blasting, Acid pickling,  b-lack oxide, Painting, Hot galvanizing,Powder coating, Nickel plating.

Service available


Quality control

0 defects,100% inspection before packing


Train & railway, automobile& truck, construction machinery, forklift, agricultural machinery, shipbuilding, petroleum machinery, construction, valve and pumps, electric machine, hardware, power equipment and so on.


Investment casting, steel casting, precision casting

Product Pictures

甘蔗运输车车轮wheel for cane transport-1(001).jpg

甘蔗运输车自动车钩2 automatic coupling for cane transport副本(001).jpg

甘蔗运输车自动车钩3 automatic coupling for cane transport副本(001).jpg

wheel for cane transport

automatic coupling for

cane transport

automatic coupling for

cane transport

甘蔗运输车自动车钩automatic coupling for cane transport副本(001).jpg

高速火车零件(连杆)2 connecting rod of high-speed train(001).jpg

高速火车零件(连杆)3 connecting rod of high-speed train(001).jpg

automatic coupling for

cane transport

connecting rod of

high-speed train

connecting rod of

high-speed train

高速火车零件(连杆)connecting rod of high-speed train(001).jpg

高速火车零件(制动平衡支架)drag balance bracket of high-speed train(001).jpg

高速火车零件(阻尼器顶部支架)support amortisseur vertical of high-speed train(001).jpg

connecting rod of

high-speed train

drag balance bracket of

high-peed train

support amortisseur vertical

of high-speed train

高速火车零件component of high speed-train副本(001).jpg

高速火车零件component of high-speed train(001).jpg

轨道U型插塞2 clevis for railway副本(001).jpg

component of high speed-train

component of high-speed train

clevis for railway

轨道U型插塞3 clevis for railway副本(001).jpg

轨道U型插塞clevis for railway副本(001).jpg

轨道轧机机架转换器switch point roller housing for railway副本(001).jpg

clevis for railway

clevis for railway

switch point roller housing

for railway

火车刹车支架brake hanger bracket of train副本(001).jpg

火车缓冲器buffer of train副本(001).jpg

火车机车底盘振动器零件vibration system on the bottom of hopper railcar(001).jpg

brake hanger bracket of train

buffer of train

vibration system on the

bottom of hopper railcar

火车集装箱锁具container lock of train(001).jpg

高速火车零件(连杆)connecting rod of high-speed train副本(001).jpg

火车连杆lever of  train副本(001).jpg

container lock of train

connecting rod of

high-speed train

lever of train


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