Casting for Train and Railway

Casting for Train and Railway
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Product Pictures

火车零件(V型适配器)chevron adapter of train副本_副本.jpg

火车零件(舱内U型夹)female coupling-inboard yoke of train副本_副本.jpg

火车零件(舱外U型夹)male coupling-outboard yoke of train副本_副本.jpg

      chevron adapter of trainfemale coupling-inboard yoke of trainmale coupling-outboard yoke of train

火车零件(吊环)stationary of train ring副本_副本.jpg

火车零件(固定器) retainer of train副本_副本.jpg

火车零件(悬挂臂盖子)cover-suspension arm-yoke of train副本_副本.jpg

        stationary of train ring              retainer of train cover-suspension arm-yoke of train

火车零件(旋转连接器)rotary connector of train副本_副本.jpg

火车零件(旋转连接销固定器)rotary coupler pin retainer of train副本_副本.jpg

火车零件(轴承座)bearing housing of train副本_副本.jpg

         rotary connector of train   rotary coupler pin retainer of train         bearing housing of train

火车零件2 components of train副本_副本.jpg

火车零件3 components of train副本_副本.jpg

火车零件4 components of train副本_副本.jpg

           components of train          components of train              components of train

火车轮子train wheel副本_副本.jpg

火车闸瓦托brake bloch holder of train副本_副本.jpg

铁路齿轮固定器retainer for rail gear副本_副本.jpg

               train wheel       brake bloch holder of train            retainer for rail gear

铁路电力系统配件(底座)electric power accessories  of railway副本_副本.jpg

铁路电力系统配件(钢帽) electric power accessories  of railway副本_副本.jpg

铁路电力系统配件(上帽)  electric power accessories  of railway副本_副本.jpg

electric power accessories  of railwayelectric power accessories  of railwayelectric power accessories  of railway

铁路压板2 cushion of railway_副本.jpg

铁路压板cushion of railway_副本.jpg

油罐火车刹车支架skid-bottom outlet of tank train 副本_副本.jpg

          cushion of railway          cushion of railway     skid-bottom outlet of tank train 

Product Description

MaterialCarbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel
ProcessLost wax casting + cnc machining
Casting dimension toleranceCT7
Casting surface roughnessRa 12.5um
Casting weight range0.1-90kg
Casting SizeMax linear size: 1200mm, Max diameter size: 600mm
Machining PrecisionPositioning accuracy 0.008mm, Reppositionaccuracy 0.006mm
Machining surface roughnessRa0.8~6.3um
Max Travel Of Spindle1900mmx850mmx700mm
Max Turning Diameter830mm
Material standardGB, ASTM, AISI, DIN, BS, JIS, NF, AS, AAR.......

Surface treatment

KTL(E-coating), Zinc plating, Mirror Polishing, Sand Blasting, Acid pickling,  black oxide, Painting, Hot galvanizing,Powder coating, Nickel plating.
Service availableOEM & ODM
Quality control0 defects,100% inspection before packing 


Train & railway, automobile& truck, construction machinery, forklift, agricultural machinery, shipbuilding, petroleum machinery, construction, valve and pumps, electric machine, hardware, power equipment and so on.

KeywordsInvestment casting, steel casting, precision casting

Company Profille

Specializing in the manufacturing of lost wax investment castings and finished products in carbon steel and low alloy steel, our company is a world class manufacturer and supplier of investment castings with water glass process in China. It consists of 2 major facilities, both steel casting foundry and CNC machining factory which enable us to supply both precision castings and finished products with an annual production capacity of over 20,000 tons, and the products are mainly exported to Euroope, America, Japan and other destinations around the world.

Our company has carried out an information-based management which is driven by an ERP system and we are making efforts to standardize our management system. We are both ISO9001 and TS16949 certified, and currently integrating some other advanced management modes in our system as well, such as 6S, performance management, lean production manufacturing, six sigma etc. In addition, we have established the ISO14001 environmental management system in order to gain a win-win situation for the enterprise’s performance and social benefits from the long term perspective.

The company has set its strategic objective which is “Leading development in this industry, striving to provide a casting enterprise with core competitiveness and core value”, confirmed with its core competitiveness that “Leading Ideas, Advanced Equipments, Excellent QC, and Perfect Services”. It sticks to the quality management philosophy that “Starting from the customer needs and ending with their satisfaction, focusing on customer demands and exceeding their expectations”.

Information-based Management