Measures To Improve The Dynamic Rigidity Of Machinery Castings

  Measures to improve the dynamic rigidity of Machinery castings;

  The rigidity of the Machinery is an important feature of the Machinery, which directly affects the productivity and machining accuracy. The rigidity of Machinery is related to the composition and structure of Machinery castings, casting process of Machinery castings, machining process of Machinery castings and so on.

  1. Improve the damping characteristic of the Machinery. Machinery castings For example, the damping material is filled in the Machinery castings.

  2, Machinery bed surface spraying damping coating.

  3, make full use of the friction damping of the combination surface of Machinery.

  4, the Machinery castings adopt the new material, enhances the Machinery casting earthquake resistance.

  The importance of Machinery castings 1, Machinery castings directly affect the rigidity of the Machinery 2, Machinery castings and thermal deformation 3, Machinery castings cost, Machinery castings weight accounted for the total weight of the Machinery, the same, Machinery castings cost in the total cost of Machinery also accounted for a large proportion, casting Machinery castings to use as few materials as possible, Machinery castings to achieve high rigidity.